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Blackwell Convergence Review

I can’t believe I have already finished the third title in the Blackwell series: Blackwell Convergence. On the one hand, I feel like talking about Blackwell Convergence for hours. On the other, I feel that I’ve said so much already in the review of the other first two titles that anything from this point on would be a spoiler.

Anyway, it’s amazing how far Dave Gilbert managed to go from the shy beginnings. Blackwell Convergence really feels like a mature game. Everything that was even remotely a source of complaint in the first two titles has been dealt with. From voice acting to soundtrack, stuttering engine, and even clue combining. What really makes you feel accomplished is the fact that everything seems to finally fall in place together, like in a big jigsaw puzzle. As the title suggests, the two narrative plots of the first titles combine in Blackwell Convergence to provide one of the most challenging and pleasant adventures to date.

There’s only one big thing that really bothers me. The fact that I’m slowly nearing the end of the series. One more episode to go… and it really makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to bring so many people together to tell my own stories. To have my own shy beginnings in game development – hunting voice actors, trying game mechanisms, building a fan base. Sighs. I’m not going to say anything more about this title. Go through my other review if you feel like knowing more about the setting. But I am sure as hell not going to spoil it here.

I did take some pretty pictures though, which you can enjoy above.

You can buy the whole Blackwell bundle directly from the developer website or go the classy way: gog.com.

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