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During the development of the HOTAH game under the DADIU initiative, I found myself flirting with Unity shader programming. More specifically, the art direction suggested we should have some nifty looking water which reminds of the milky water in Limbo. Limbo being a pure 2D game and us working in 2.5D, I got away with developing a custom blur shader.

This October, through the DADIU initiative, I had the chance to do a Unity related  internship at Multiverse ApS, the small studio responsible for KoGaMa. Before you start jumping around and arguing that this is a Minecraft clone, hear these guys out, because the idea behind KoGaMa is actually a great one. We're faced with a digital LEGO world in which each user can build their own games with their own rules. If everything goes well, KoGaMa can become a sort of "YouTube for video-games".

If you are a starting game designer/programmer like I am you'll most likely want to be able to showcase your creations easily on your personal blog or website. Since I've been using Unity a lot lately I wanted to make publishing my Unity Web Player demonstrations as easy as possible. It turned out to be quite a tough combination, if I added my Wordpress blog into the equation. So I decided to write a guide on how to smooth the road from a published .unity3d file to the final Wordpress post.