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Civilization 2 match predicts the future

Who would have thought… If you had the patience to play Civilization 2 long enough you would become a veritable Nostradamus and predict humanity’s future. An anonymous geezer going by the nickname of Lycerius, who’s quite the passionate Civilization 2 fan it seems, has recently posted on Reddit the current status of an ongoing Civilization 2 game which has been lasting for no less than… ten years.¬†

Apparently, he can now more or less accurately describe how the world will look in the year 3991. It’s a grim story, worthy of George Orwell’s “1984” novel. America has remained a monumental power, but it is fighting for supremacy with the Celts and the Vikings. Remember: this Civilization 2 match represents an alternate universe. It is only one of the many possibilities that human history could have embraced if a different guy would have taken a different cab. Irrespective of their name and color, the three superpowers have been stuck in an endless war for 1700 years already. Global warming and nuclear wars made agriculture impossible and 90% of the planet’s population died of starvation.¬†Metropolises have been replaced by small fortress-cities, similar to the feudal era and all resources are pumped into the never-ending war.

Ironically enough, in 3000 years of Civilization 2, democracy has been forever forgotten in the advantage of communism and theocracy. Lycerius wanted to be a good lad and remain a democrat forever. But it was too dangerous for the empire. So he is a commie now. He’s experiencing the occasional uprising now and then, but nothing he can’t keep under control with all the gunpower.

In the next several years, Lycerius intends to rebuild the Civilization 2 world, although he can’t reach any compromise with his two blood thirsty neighbours. He’s appealing to all experienced Civilization 2 players in an attempt to bring humanity to its former glory.

Here’s my suggestion as a novice in all things Civilization 2. Why not press new game and bring everyone back to the innocence of Adam and Eve? It seems the common sense solution.


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