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Reality distortion

As a very determined video game player  I have many times wondered if I’m not crossing the border between real and unreal too often at some point. What I mean is, am I trying to compensate for a sort of insufficient reality? Am I better off as a very voluptuous Lara Croft, or as a sensual assassin wreaking havoc in the Italian countryside? Or as an evil mastermind building cities and rushing against my opponent? Are video games my drugs? Giving me a sense I sometimes miss in my own life?

What really startles me is not the nature of my virtual reality. But the nature of reality itself. I read  at some point that “society is a kind of fiction too”. I honestly forgot who said that, I tend to remember ideas, but not their bearers. Anyway, my point then is: how is society, the present human reality, any better than the reality of video games? I think we have the gift of turning virtualities into real things, just through the power of mind. You may not think of the games you play for fun as your future universe, but give it a thought. I think man invented society to shield himself from nature, which was in the past the true reality.

Now, nature is just an idea and society IS reality. But a manufactured one, one interwoven with the very human interests. And we’re slowly heading towards an over-reality, the cyber-reality which will soon overwhelm our minds and overload them. It’s interesting that, between the three states of material, information and soul, the human being tends to embrace the informational one. Is it the mirage of consciously wielding an infinite potentiality? Is the passivity of the soul the one that scares us away from the spiritual path? And can information be the way, another way to dissolution into eternity?

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