A thousand times the mysteries unfold like galaxies in my head.

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The currency of war is life. We pay the cost and hope in the end it was worth it.

The currency of war is life. But, at the same time, it’s the war that determines the damned souls it devours to be aware of the real value of life, in those unique circumstances they experience. War, more than any other event, generates the most surprising of stories, as if all characters involved in the bloodshed would feel the Apocalypse in the air and would rush into frantically living their last moments. Dragon Age: Origins is a game about war. Although the narrative of the game flows in a very Tolkeinesque manner, the seriousness of the confrontations brings to front not the war between races, but, as I underlined above, a colorful bunch of characters, with distinct lives and origins.

I'm not a big poker fan. In fact, I don't know my Flush from my Straight most of the times. But this doesn't mean I don't recognize a robust game mechanic when I see one. And after all, before there were video games, there were board games and before there were board games there was the almighty poker. I think all game designers have something to learn from the good ol' Texas Hold'em. Moreover, poker can make a video game experience feel round, or completely different. Let us see some ways in which poker mechanics are used throughout games.

If you're not in the least interested in the improving of the self, you might not know what a lucid dream is. A lucid dream is a  dream in which the dreamer is aware of the fact that he or she is dreaming and can alter the flow of the whole dream scenario. If you have at least once, during a nightmare, become conscious of the fact that you are indeed just dreaming and could wake up from the torment, you might very well be on the path of becoming a very effective lucid dreamer.

As a very determined video game player  I have many times wondered if I’m not crossing the border between real and unreal too often at some point. What I mean is, am I trying to compensate for a sort of insufficient reality? Am I better off as a very voluptuous Lara Croft, or as a sensual assassin wreaking havoc in the Italian countryside? Or as an evil mastermind building cities and rushing against my opponent? Are video games my drugs? Giving me a sense I sometimes miss in my own life?